Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop

Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop (CUSH) is a student group that makes the education and appreciation of Hip-Hop Culture a force to 1) unite students, 2) promote informative discussion, and 3) create an artist network on Columbia’s campus and beyond. We aim to reinstate the true essence of Hip-Hop as a culture as well as a tool for positive community impact.

Cypher Recap: Here’s a few crowd pics and flyers from this semester’s cyphers. Look out for more cyphers, discussions,  and other events from us next semester! Peace.

Anonymous asked: I am coming to Columbia this fall and want to get involved. How can i go about doing that? look up spacejamrappers on youtube to find examples (i am the hispanic fellow)

Sorry for the late reply, but feel free to stop by our events next semester. They’re held from 7 to 9 in the IRC (552 W 114 St.). To keep up with events and other ways to take part in CUSH, send an email to so that we can add you to our email list.

Anonymous asked: I'm a columbia teachers college student, how can I get involved?

You can get involved by coming to our events, which happen every week during the semester from 7 to 9 in the IRC (552 W 114 St.). You can also join our email list by sending an email to and receive info on ways to take part in our online content and our future events.

Anonymous asked: Hey there, shout out from AZ! I am a doctoral student at the U of A, and I am looking for connections in NY, because I am interested in volunteering or working with people who are as interested in Hip Hop Pedagogy as much as I am. Do you have any internship opportunities?

Thanks for the message! We don’t have any internship opportunities, but a past collaborator of ours, Professor Christopher Emdin, does work with Hip-Hop Pedagogy, so we recommend researching and possibly contacting him. Good luck with your work!

Anonymous asked: Hi there,I am a current student at UPenn and I am working on a product called Pagevamp to help student clubs & organizations create a good looking website that is super easy to update from their Facebook Page, for free. I think this is something that an organization like yourselves might be interested in using to avoid struggling to find and pay a webmaster. All you have to do is make a Facebook Page (if you don't have one already) and then plug the Facebook Page URL into our site and we take

Thanks for the message! Please send us an email at so that we can learn more about your app.

Anonymous asked: hey I appreciate this a lot. But I got a question though. From this page, it seems like what you guys focus on is music. The thing is, hip hop has so many other elements, namely dancing and graffiti art. Where's the popping? Locking? Breaking? I'm not condoning vandalism, but what about drawing graffiti on paper?

Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, but we definitely try to appreciate the culture as a whole, not just the music. We haven’t been too active on the tumblr in recent semesters, so what you see here is only a portion of what we showcase online and in events.

Music does make up a lot of our events and content, but we’ve highlighted other elements of Hip-Hop by having a miniature graf wall at events, allowing dance groups and beatboxers to take part in our cyphers, and collaborating with groups for movie screenings that showed films that focused on sneaker and graffiti culture.

To get more info, feel free to send an email to to join our email list. There’s also our twitter (@C_U_S_H) and our Facebook group (Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop).

Anonymous asked: Could I get added to the listserv? I've been searching high and low for an org like this on campus!

Thanks for the interest! Send an email to and we’ll add you to the list ASAP.

Anonymous asked: Cannn I get on the email list for you guys/where is all the info on your group?

Sure, send an email to and we’ll add you to the mail list. Our emails contain information about our events and purpose as a club. You can also find info if you’re in our Facebook group, which can be searched as ”Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop.”

Dilla & Donuts cypher… you thought we were playin

Dilla & Donuts cypher… you thought we were playin

CUSH resident DJ Kyara holding down the boards at our last cypher, Dilla & Donuts. 

CUSH resident DJ Kyara holding down the boards at our last cypher, Dilla & Donuts.