Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop

Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop (CUSH) is a student group that makes the education and appreciation of Hip-Hop Culture a force to 1) unite students, 2) promote informative discussion, and 3) create an artist network on Columbia’s campus and beyond. We aim to reinstate the true essence of Hip-Hop as a culture as well as a tool for positive community impact.

CUSH Summer Games Round One Winners

After some deliberation the three judges have decided on the top three lyricist of the first round of the CUSH Summer Games Cypher. All lyricist were extremely talented and we thank you for taking part in the first round of the Games. We can only hope that you continue to participate with us in to the next few rounds. Once again, we would like to thank Jon Tanners for producing the beat used in Round One of the CUSH Summer Games.

In Third Place:

Lubeen submitted a very well-thought and delivered first round entry. He had some poignant lines that took an interesting take on the concept of freedom, where he criticized consumer culture for feigning financial hardship without consideration for poor personal choices. 

Its real crazy out here, cause we’re slaves to possessions//Your whip’s fly, but you say you’re chained by recession//24 inch rims, but you can’t afford Progressive//You’re hustlin’ backwards, so I see no progression”

In Second Place:

Although the last submission, els3ven brought a thoroughly entertaining submission. Of all participants he had one of the best “sense of the beat”. His interpretation of the theme was light-hearted ( Attempting to free-write against a clock while facing writer’s block) and his flow was catchy.

writers block has oppressed me, im feeling quite stressed//knowing that I only have half an hour left//to submit this, laced with hibiscus,//signed and delivered this, sealed with a french kiss”

And, First Place:

O.H.M (O.H.M Has Meaning) was the clear favorite among the judges. Stylistically he had the best rhyme scheme and perhaps the most clever interpretation of the theme. He portrayed a man who was denied his freedom for having verbally battered the beat. 

freedom of expression means my backhand hits the beat//neighbors call the cops, now they poppin up and gripping heat//paramedics come, they see the blackened eyes and missing teeth”

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