Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop

Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop (CUSH) is a student group that makes the education and appreciation of Hip-Hop Culture a force to 1) unite students, 2) promote informative discussion, and 3) create an artist network on Columbia’s campus and beyond. We aim to reinstate the true essence of Hip-Hop as a culture as well as a tool for positive community impact.

Round Two Begins

CUSH Summer Games Cypher Round 2 is officially here. This round we have an even more difficult challenge.

You will be given a word bank of twenty words to do as you will ( Remember: you can use  some of the words [Amendment: Please use atleast five of the words], or even all twenty of the words—be creative.)

Word Bank:

-Violate    -Clouds        -Green

-Bananas     -Jump          -Freestyle

-Struggle   -Categorical    -Haters

-Ratchet    -Deontological   -Temple

-Strife      -Battery       -Heights

-Hipster    -Depository      -Power

-Participate           -Couch

The beat is provided by Brandon Darin and can be found here.

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