Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop

Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop (CUSH) is a student group that makes the education and appreciation of Hip-Hop Culture a force to 1) unite students, 2) promote informative discussion, and 3) create an artist network on Columbia’s campus and beyond. We aim to reinstate the true essence of Hip-Hop as a culture as well as a tool for positive community impact.

CUSH Summer Games Round Two Winners

This is way past due, but it the winners of round two have finally been decided. This was a tough round to judge with a lot of great submissions. We want to thank everyone who participated and we hope you will continue with us on to our last round of this year’s CUSH Summer Games Cypher. We are excited to announce the winners, who each brought their own flair and energy that set them apart.

In Third Place:

Francois, aka The Demon, impresses with his dark morbid style and lyrical ability. His submission was perhaps the best lyrically (what amounted to sharp and thoughtful lines) and had his flow been a bit more crisp he might have taken second or even first place. Of all the submissions, he used the least amount of words, but certainly made the best of the words he did use.

Words: 5/20

I disregard categorical imperatives, everything is relative,a reoccurring narrative ”

In Second Place:

CHUNK (the one from the Heights), another first time contestant, has taken the ranks for the Summer Games.  The judges were seriously impressed with his submission and, even more so, his charisma—perhaps it was the bass in his voice, or maybe even the camera lighting. Whatever it was, CHUNK made you want to listen as he brought the most balanced submission thus far in terms of lyrical ability and flow. Also, he did this while managing to use all twenty of the words.

Words: 20/20

Spittin bananas, ya boy go (rilla) realer”

In First Place:

O.H.M delivers more of a song than a verse, complete with chorus and all. And, despite the length, he hits hard throughout and manages to entertain with every line. It was mentioned in the first round, but O.H.M is perhaps the best technical rhymer that has submitted yet. In addition, he also managed to use every single word in the word bank. 

Words: 20/20

"I been sick since hip and hop, chose to hyphenate"

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